How to Prepare the Exterior Painting Before Painting Exterior Trim Work

An exterior painter is a professional who is employed for the interior painting and refurbishment of homes and is sometimes referred to as a home painter or decorator. The main purpose of exterior painting is just to protect a building from outside damage and to enhance the look of the structure by painting on its exterior. Sometimes, however, an exterior painter might be required to undertake work that could damage the building or make it uninhabitable. Work that might require painting may include repainting the building, repairing any water breaks or cracks, cleaning off decayed parts, painting or stripping the exterior of masonry or wood, preparing the site for some kind of building activity, or preparing the area for some kind of road works.

exterior painting


The most common types of exterior paint jobs include exterior painting of glass, bricks, tiles, patios, facades, and porches. However, you can see details of all sorts of surfaces with exterior paints. Exterior painting jobs are not restricted to covering only a part of the external part of the building; they could even cover the entire building. You can get the best paint job for your house, for your commercial building, for your garage or shed, for your pool house, for your decking, for your garden, for your gazebo, or for any other part of your home.


Some of the best exterior painting services are for your house. For example, if you wish to paint your house to give it a new look or to give it a newer aspect, you need to hire the right professional painting services. Your local painting company should have professionals who are well experienced in house painting. A good company will be able to paint your home from the bottom to the top without harming its exterior or without damaging any of its wood sidings.


You can also hire painters for exterior painting in case you have painted the house yourself but the paint did not come out right. Or, if you had hired an exterior painter to paint the house and he could not complete the project, then you can file a complaint against him. An experienced professional painter would not have any problem with such complaints. He will suggest to you what are the remedial measures that should be taken to make the paint come out correctly. The professional painter will also give you details about how long will it take for the paint job to be completed.


Sometimes the reason why a house is not painted properly is that the surface was baked under the sun for a long time. To solve this problem, professional painters will apply a layer of paint on the uncoated surfaces to make them ready for stucco or cement. When applying the stucco or cement, the professional painters will use high-quality products which are water-based and can easily dissolve the stains which are present on the wooden surfaces.


Another reason why you cannot achieve the desired results with painting is the absence of preparation. You should always make sure that the surfaces have been well cleaned and the surrounding areas dry. There should be no moisture present on the surfaces. Water will cause the staining to reappear on your walls or even doors that are not properly protected. So, before painting, you should wipe the surfaces and remove all the traces of moisture.


You should also know how the paint dries. The paint dries, depending on the amount of time it was left to dry. Hot and cold weather conditions can change the drying time of the paint. For example, when it is hot the paint dries fast and in winter the heat makes the paint dry slowly. It is better to take your painting jobs seriously and follow the right precautions so that you can get the best results.


After painting the exterior trim you will have to wait for few days to let the paint dry. This may vary according to the type of paint you are using. However, generally painting on freshly painted surfaces takes around 10 days. Painting a door takes around twice as much time as painting a car and therefore you should take this into consideration while planning on how to proceed with the project. You should also make sure that the surface has been protected from all external elements to prevent chipping.